What is Poor Posture?

First, we need to know what ‘poor’ posture is. Our definition of poor posture is, simply put, an awkward posture. This kind of posture is usually a habit that causes unnecessary strain on the body. A more precise definition of ‘poor’ posture: an unnecessary¬†and problematic pattern of physical responses to postural challenges. Postural challenges is anything that makes it hard to maintain more or less upright positioning. For example, working with a small laptop computer. Either you sit straight up comfortably or hunch over the computer while using, but not both at the same time.

You would think, how about postures that are caused by laziness? Well, postural laziness happens when you avoid postural challenge. Over a long period, you will have problem coping with them when you have to, which will then lead to awkward and ‘poor’ posture.

Why do we respond to the postural challenges in this ineffective manner? It is because of mood, weakness, fatigue, pain and so on. Therefore, it can’t be helped that elderly need to maintain a poor posture as their osteoarthritis is weighing them down, and that is not exactly a ‘poor’ posture. But for healthy people, slouching is an unnecessary strain to the muscle and certainly needs immediate correction.